About - Kim Kohls

Thanks for visiting my website. I'm an award-winning nature and wildlife photographer. I began in the film days, decades ago, as a portrait and documentary photographer. Years later, I built a successful portrait studio in the Boulder, Colorado area. In all honesty, my true passion has always been nature and wildlife photography.

After my children were grown, I went back and completed my degree in biology with special emphasis in animal behavior. I was very fortunate to participate in several research projects involving birds and large carnivores. My background provides an excellent foundation for nature and wildlife photography. I'm very passionate about conservation and the preservation of habitat for all animals. I've been active in a number of organizations dedicated to saving our natural resources, including membership in the North American Nature Photography Association, the Nature Conservancy, and World Wildlife Fund. 

I  divide my time between the Rocky Mountains, the rivers and streams of the Midwest, and the wetlands and coastal areas of Florida photographing birds, insects, flowers, and wildlife of all kinds. My images are all shot by me, in the wild, without baiting, trapping, or enticement of any kind. I do, occasionally, photograph animals in sanctuaries and zoos for special projects. These images are specifically referenced as such.

I'm so delighted you stopped by and welcome the chance to chat with you if you have questions, comments, or just want to talk about nature.



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